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Electric Cylinders are Low-Cost Electric Actuators that Provide an Alternative to Pneumatic and Hydraulic Cylinders:

ERD Series – Stroke lengths up to 1000mm, Force / thrust capabilities up to 20kN. The ERD electric cylinders are compatible with many NEMA and metric standard – stepper and servo motors. Use the ERD to create low-cost, high performance electric actuator solutions. All stainless steel body options. Ball, acme and roller screw choices. Video

MACTUATOR – The world’s first “all inclusive” totally integrated actuator – ERD actuator + MAC servo motor from JVL. Mactuator electric cylinders are ideal for food and beverage processing equipment. They feature smooth edges, stainless-steel construction, welded joints, and a bracket design to prevent contamination of the work environment. Video

IMA – Integrated Motor Rod-Style Actuator – The IMA is an integrated linear servo actuator design in a compact, heavy duty package. Available in both ball and roller screw configurations, the IMA servo linear actuators provide forces up to 6875 lbs even in high duty cycle applications. The IMA utilizes a standard servo motor available with many feedback types. Available in food-grade coating for sanitary wash-down applications. Video

ServoWeld – ServoWeld® Series servo actuators are used in servo resistance spot welding for robotic applications. They combine servo motor technology in a powerful high-force actuator for a compact profile and faster resistant spot weld cycles—perfect for automotive body-in-white spot welding applications. Video

Tolomatic offers rodless electro mechanical actuators in both screw and belt driven designs with a wide variety of bearing styles and options:

MXE Series – High thrust capabilities (up to 19kN), MXE electric screw actuators are available with 2 different carriers (carriages):
MXE-S (Solid Bearing) – offers high load and bending moment capacities in a low profile package.
MXE-P (Profiles Rail Bearing) – reduces stress concentration by 59% for optimal performance.

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