AMG’s activity focuses on combining technologies from different manufacturers and offering complete solutions of the highest quality in the field of automation for the industry.

We are the exclusive technical and trade representative of global automation market leaders in Poland. We work closely with them to respond best to the needs of our clients.

Our partners are:

  • a German manufacturer of linear position transducers, encoders, linear converters and inclinometers

  • a Danish manufacturer of integrated servo motors and integrated stepper motors

  • an American manufacturer of electric actuators

  • an Israeli manufacturer of high-end absolute position encoders, based on the unique Electric Encoder™ technology

  • a Danish manufacturer of in-line electric actuators

Our offer also includes products in the field of force hydraulics (hydraulic connectors and valves), industrial seals (O-rings, square rings, scrapers, slip rings) and metallurgical products (steel strips and wires).

We only work with producers known from the highest quality products, such as: IDT, Rose, Parker, LAPP KABEL, Rötelmann, EagleBurgmann, AGRO, AVIT and Stauff as well as Sennhenn and BWS rolling mills.