AMG is the official distributor of Concens linear electric actuators in Poland

Concens, a Danish manufacturer of linear electric actuators, has entrusted AMG with the role of its official representative in Poland since March 1. Thanks to this strategic cooperation between our companies, we will...

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Cheese-making: Automating an ancient art for safety and efficiency

Electric linear actuators meet the challenges of cheese processing in all its...

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The Big Era of electromechanical linear actuators

In the last 50 years, the accuracy and efficiency of electromechanical actuators has led to the replacement of many pneumatic actuators. But because of the higher forces required, it has taken longer to apply the...

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Respirator motor from JVL for the Norwegian health authorities

The Danish manufacturer of integrated servo and stepper motors, JVL A/S, has been selected to produce 1000 of the company's latest ServoStep integrated stepper motors for use in the respirators for Norwegian health care...

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Electric linear motion vs. pneumatic. 8 things every designer should know about selection

There’s a debate in the machine design community. A debate about what’s the best linear motion technology—electric or pneumatic. There are proponents on both sides. As a manufacturer of both electric and...

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Industrial Ethernet for JVL MAC servo motors

Process control via Industrial Ethernet is becoming more and more common in the era of automated production. According to the report of HMS Industrial Networks, in 2018 the share of Industrial Ethernet based systems in...

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Electric high-force linear actuator choices. Ball vs roller screw

Many applications require high-force linear actuators – like moving equipment in a foundry or powering a press in metal forming or guiding heavy logs in a sawmill. Whatever the application, a machine designer is...

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Avoid the pitfalls, gain all the benefits of replacing hydraulics with electric actuators

Everyday machine designers seek alternative electric solutions to hydraulic cylinders for the very first time. However, there are many common pitfalls to properly sizing an electric equivalent. When sized correctly,...

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If not a servo drive, then what? Get to know the alternative

Can the stepper motor replace the servo drive successfully? The answer may seem obvious: "No". Stepper motor will not meet the requirements of applications with high dynamics, will lose steps, will not give us...

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Accuracy and repeatability. Only pay for what you need.

When a machine’s design calls for an electric linear actuator, most design engineers want to know about an actuator’s accuracy and repeatability with emphasis on accuracy. Designers are looking for a simple...

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