Avoid the pitfalls, gain all the benefits of replacing hydraulics with electric actuators

Everyday machine designers seek alternative electric solutions to hydraulic cylinders for the very first time. However, there are many common pitfalls to properly sizing an electric equivalent. When sized correctly,...

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If not a servo drive, then what? Get to know the alternative

Can the stepper motor replace the servo drive successfully? The answer may seem obvious: "No". Stepper motor will not meet the requirements of applications with high dynamics, will lose steps, will not give us...

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Accuracy and repeatability. Only pay for what you need.

When a machine’s design calls for an electric linear actuator, most design engineers want to know about an actuator’s accuracy and repeatability with emphasis on accuracy. Designers are looking for a simple...

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The case for electric rod actuators in food processing applications

Producing food that’s delicious, affordable and safe requires a lot from manufacturers. Process automation makes affordability possible and ensures consistently top-quality...

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Overcoming hydraulic headaches by converting to electric linear motion solutions

Just 20 years ago, users of hydraulic systems struggled to find alternative technologies that could achieve the high force capabilities of hydraulic cylinders. Since then, motion control and automation technologies...

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