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    Servo drives

    Bosch Rexroth servo drives as an integral part of the IndraDrive system

    Drives from the IndraDrive family are modern solutions in the field of motor control. The control units of these servo drives enable the control of three-phase motors: synchronous motors, asynchronous motors, as well as reluctance, rotary and linear motors.

    Drives from the IndraDrive family are compatible with devices of most manufacturers on the market. They are based on intelligent components and many available interface standards. This applies to both – the compact IndraDrive Cs solution with integrated control unit and largest drives. IndraDrive solutions are characterized by power up to 4 MW in IndraDrive ML models. Thanks to the wide range of interfaces of electric drives, providing very high flexibility in the selection of technical solutions, the integration of drives in complex environments is easier.

    IndraDrive servo drives capabilities

    By using Bosch Rexroth servo drives, you can perform any movement tasks in a modern factory environment. Power range from 100 W to 4 MW, solutions dedicated for installation in a control cabinet and such for installation outside the cabinet, communication based on many protocols, integrated hardware and software platform, certified security technologies – all this means that everyone can select the drives of the family IndraDrive for individual needs.

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