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    Frequency converters

    Frequency converters – using valuable energy responsibly

    Rising energy costs and increasing demands for environmentally-friendly production pose major challenges to the industry and, in particular, mechanical engineering. End customers demand energy-efficient machines and equipment to significantly reduce operating costs and CO2 emissions especially in the field of drive technology.

    With the new EFC 3610 and EFC 5610 frequency converters, Rexroth offers both economical and easy-to-use solutions for a variety of applications in which valuable energy has to be used responsibly. Rexroth EFC 3610 and EFC 5610 frequency converters for electronic speed and torque control contribute significantly to the energy savings desired by customers.

    Intelligent functions

    Both series are designed with intelligent features such as expansion options through different I/O and fieldbus modules, an operator display panel with a parameter copy function or the standard integrated Modbus interface for networking.

    For safety-relevant applications, the EFC 5610 with STO (Safety Torque Off) option offers up to Cat. 4/PL e, SIL3 safety levels.

    Trouble-free assembly, simple to install and use: EFC 3610 and EFC 5610 frequency converters meet your engineering demands and the desires of your customers with respect to optimum handling as a whole and down to the smallest detail.

    Optimal easy-to-use handling

    Rexroth technology stands for easy installation and implementation. So the integrated user panel includes everything necessary for fast commissioning and operation of the EFC x610 frequency converters. And, with no need for a PC or an additional programming unit, commissioning is easy. For the configuration of several frequency converters with identical or similar parameterization, the copy function of the operating panel can be used.

    Simply user-friendly: All parameter values are entered using robust keys. The 5-digit LED display visualizes all operating variables in a clear and obvious form. The documentation available, provides guidance for the parameterization and explains the menu structure.

    With easy applications, the frequency converters can be controlled using both, the user panel, and the digital and analog inputs and outputs.

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