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    Electronics and control technology for modern, automated production machines achieve maximum operational accuracy thanks to sensors that reliably report measurement values, even in harsh environmental conditions.

    TWK has been manufacturing measuring devices for automation since 1962. The TWK portfolio includes magnetic rotary encoders, inclinometers, linear transducers, draw wire transducers and vibration sensors, whose functions are important for safety and continuity of production.

    • Vibration sensors
      Vibration sensors (3)

      TWK vibration sensors are dedicated to measuring acceleration in MEMS technology (Micro-Electro-Mechanical System). The device consists of an acceleration sensor, a control unit and an output interface. TWK vibration sensors can be used in harsh environmental conditions. Available analog and digital interfaces.

    • Encoders
      Encoders (22)

      Our offer includes incremental encoders as well as absolute single-turn and absolute multi-turn encoders with a wide selection of interfaces.

    • Inclinometers
      Inclinometers (4)

      TWK electric inclinometers are used to measure the angle of swing of an object relative to the vertical determined by the force of gravity. TWK inclinometers measure in one and two axes. They have a wide range of applications, e.g. in crane components, solar panels, drawbridges, and are characterized by high measurement accuracy and reliability. Available analog and digital interfaces.

    • Draw wire linear transducers
      Draw wire linear transducers (5)

      TWK draw wire linear transducers are designed for measurements in the range of 1-60 m. These are devices in which the linear movement of a flexible steel cable is transformed into a rotational motion due to the connection of the wire to the measuring drum. The measuring drum is connected to the encoder shaft. As the wire moves, the encoder records the number of drum revolutions. The tension spring, guaranteeing measurement accuracy, is ensured by a return spring. The wire is always precisely wound and wraps the drum grooves always in the same, repeatable way, eliminating measurement errors. The nozzle, through which the wire enters the drum, is protected against the ingress of water and dust thanks to the brush and the rubber bellows. It is possible to make a wire transducer with an additional lubrication chamber.

    • Linear transducers
      Linear transducers (10)

      Linear transducers are used for measurements in the range of 0-360 mm. Our offer includes inductive linear transducers with integrated electronics and without electronics, as well as potentiometric transducers.