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Formularz kontaktowy

    DF series

    Encoders from DF series are 2-plate absolute encoders which meet requirements for use in a wide variety of harsh environment. The DF Series encapsulates the electronics in an outer metal housing and supports through-hole diameters up to 110mm.

    As a part of DF series we offer 3 models of encoders:

    • DF-60 – dimensions: 60/27/9 mm, weight: 40 g, resolution: 18-20 bit, accuracy: +/- 0,010°
    • DF-100 – dimensions: 100/57/10 mm, weight: 126 g, resolution: 18-20 bit, accuracy: +/- 0,010°
    • DF-150 – dimensions: 150/110/13,6 mm, weight: 307 g, resolution: 18-20 bit, accuracy: +/- 0,006°

    Key features of DF series:

    • Lightweight miniature absolute rotary encoder
    • Hollow floating shaft
    • No bearing or other contacts
    • High precision
    • High tolerance to temperature extremes, shock, EMI, RFI and magnetic fields
    • Digital interfaces for absolute position

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