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    EFC3610 Series

    EFC3610 is a universal, economical frequency converter for reliable speed control and demand-oriented energy supply.

    V/f control, easy installation and commissioning as well as an increased power range enable a wide range of applications.

    Key features:

    • Power range 0.4 – 22 kW
    • Built-in brake chopper and mains filter
    • Control technology: V/f
    • Operation of asynchronous motors
    • Expandability through I/O and fieldbus modules
    • Use in HD (heavy duty) and ND (normal duty) mode
    • Integrated operating panel for simple, fast commissioning
    • Protection type IP20


    EFC 3610, the energy-efficient solution for most industry segments:

    • Pumps, compressors
    • Ventilators, fans
    • Woodworking machines
    • Food and beverage manufacturing
    • Paper manufacturing and processing
    • Textile machines
    • Environmental and processing systems
    • Packaging machines

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