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    Electronic motor brakes MAB17X

    MAB17X – series of electromechanical brakes for motors with NEMA17 flange.

    The electronic brake is designed to be mounted on step- and servo motors with NEMA17 flange 42x42mm. Brake itself have NEMA17 mounting dimension but flange size is 46x46mm. The brake is used when it is desired to hold the motor shaft fixed at power off, or when the motor is used in a vertical linear application. When 24 VDC is connected, the brake will be deactivated and the motor can turn freely. It is only recommended to use the brake only as a holding brake and not as an emergency brake.

    Key features of MAB17X series:

    • Output shaft: 5,0 mm or 8,0 mm
    • Input shaft: 5,0 mm or 6,35 mm
    • Holding torque: 0,5 Nm
    • Direct mounting on integrated stepper motors MIS171, MIS173, MIS176
    • Voltage 24 VDC
    • M8 4 pin connector
    • Protection grade: IP42 and IP65

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