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    The IMA servo linear actuator has a unique integrated servo motor design.

    The IMA is an integrated linear servo actuator design in a compact, heavy duty package. Available in both ball and roller screw configurations, the IMA servo linear actuators provide forces up to 30.6 kN (6875 lbf) even in high duty cycle applications. The IMA utilizes a standard servo motor available with many feedback types. Available in food-grade coating for sanitary wash-down applications.

    Utilizing Tolomatic’s patented re-lubrication design, the IMA heavy duty linear servo actuators can easily be re-lubricated without disassembly for extremely long service life.

    IMA linear servo actuator simplifies mechanical design.

    Tolomatic’s unique integrated linear servo actuator design eliminates:

    • Hydraulic systems
    • Pneumatic systems
    • Contamination from air or oil
    • Motor couplers, adapters, timing belts and gear boxes
    • Forced air or water cooling
    • Need for multiple vendors
    • Unneeded assembly labor

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