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MAC402 / 400 W / 1.3 Nm

Integrated servo motor MAC402 is a complete solution for medium power ratings. The MAC402 servomotor has 12-48 VDC power supply. Choose between model with or without brake. Standard IP55 version, IP66 version is optional.

As part of MAC402, we offer 2 models:
  • MAC402-D2 – power 400 W, torque 1.3 Nm, speed 3000 rpm
  • MAC402-D5 (with built-in brake) – power 400 W, torque 1.3 Nm, speed 3000 rpm.

Key features of integrated MAC402 servo motor:

  • Absolute multiturn encoder without battery;
  • Real-time industrial Ethernet: Profinet, Ethernet/IP, MODBUS TCP, EtherCAT, Powerlink and SercosIII;
  • 2 RS422 channels for encoder in/output and SSI encoder etc.;
  • 6IO for capture of position, interrupt, counters, enable, timer and PLC functions;

Expansion modules you can choose between:

  • basic modules;
  • programmable modules;
  • wireless modules;
  • network modules;

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