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The MXB-S is a compact belt drive linear actuator for use in applications requiring light to moderate load carrying and guidance.

The bearing system of the MXB-S linear belt drive utilizes two field-replaceable solid bearings that optimize performance, rigidity and life.

Featuring a trapezoidal, self-cleaning bearing system, the MXB-s linear belt drive a good choice for applications in paper production or sawmills.

This low-cost, economical belt drive actuator features speeds up to 100 in/sec (2540 mm/sec) and thrusts up to 418 lbf (1860 N). All MXB-S linear belt drive actuators are built-to-order in stroke lengths up to 200 inches (5080 mm).

Key features of MXB-S:

  • 6 body sizes
  • Oversized pulley bearings for longer life
  • High-power polyurethan belt resists stretching
  • Easy access belt tensioning system with no disasssembly required
  • Field replaceable bearings for extended service life
  • Large, flexible carrier mounting surface
  • Your Motor Here® compatible for easy direct drive motor installation

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