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Formularz kontaktowy

VL series

VL series of encoders is an economical and low-profile PCB based option. It offers all advantages of capacitive technology. Encoders from VL series are insensitive to magnetic fields, these sensors do not require the additional shielding or ‘keep-away’ zones that magnetic and inductive sensors require. This simplicity makes integration easier, faster and less expensive.

As a part of VL series, we offer 2 models of encoders: 

  • VLX-60 – dimensions: 60/25/8 mm, weight: 14 g, resolution: 18-20 bit, accuracy: +/- 0,010°
  • VLX-64 – dimensions: 64/25/6 mm, weight: 20 g, resolution: 18 bit, accuracy: +/- 0,030°

Key features of VL series:

  • Lightweight miniature absolute rotary encoder
  • Hollow floating shaft
  • No bearing or other contacts
  • High precision
  • High tolerance to EMI, RFI and magnetic fields
  • Digital interfaces for absolute position

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