Drilling guide rails – JVL

Manufacturer: JVL

Product used: Integrated servo motor MAC800-D2, Expansion module MAC00-EP4

Application description:

Drill rig for guide rails in roller blinds


ALUWIL – the machine manufacturer recognized the need to automate the drilling of guide rails at roller blind plants. Before, this process was usually manual. Our client wanted to construct a solution that is easy to use and control and which will automatically recognize the length of the guide and choose the drilling algorithm (the number and arrangement of holes depending on the length of the material).


Automatic drill rig WR-2700 posiada has 4 drilling heads that drill from above and below with different drill diameters. The principle of operation of the machine is based on the automatic measurement of the length of the guides and drilling according to individual preferences. Drilling in PP53, PP68 and double guides with MKT is possible. The system is driven by the integrated JVL MAC800-D2 servo motor with the MAC00-EP4 expansion module, enabling application control over Profinet network. MAC800-D2 is also responsible for drilling positioning. AMG was also responsible for writing the program for the entire application.

Customer benefit:

  • Elimination of unnecessary wiring resulting from the use of an integrated drive solution;
  • Simple control;
  • Very high measuring accuracy;
  • Comprehensive technical support from one supplier (including program writing);