Guidance system – JVL

Manufacturer: JVL
Product used: Integrated stepper motor MIS232/PROFINET

Application description:

A machine for the production of wet wipes. The material is unwound from bales, which are arranged on rolls, then it is cut and soaked.


The machine for the production of wet wipes consists of a very long line with a system of guidance detectors, which “make sure” that the material after unwinding from bales is laid evenly for cutting. The existing solution did not satisfy the customer.


The detectors are connected directly to several dozen JVL stepper motors, eliminating the need to expand the control cabinet to provide the signal from the detectors. The program for reading positions from the detector has been uploaded directly to the engines.

Customer benefit:

  • Elimination of long cabling thanks to the integrated solution in electronics;
  • No need to enlarge the control cabinet – the drives are located directly on the production line;