Munitions assembly – Tolomatic

Manufacturer: Tolomatic
Product used: B3W Linear Belt-Drive Actuator

Application description:

Aerospace/Munitions assembly rail and transport system.


At a munitions assembly facility, large loads are moving along a rail system from assembly station to assembly station as automated guided vehicles transfer the product from station to station. Before finding Tolomatic they had no source for an electric actuator to accommodate the long transport length between stations with the amount of push and pull force required to move the parts along the assembly line.


The B3W15 linear belt-drive actuator was able to accommodate the load and thrust force requirements along with long stroke requirements. To provide the extended stroke length Tolomatic spliced actuator extrusions together and added an extra-long belt tensioner to the design.

Customer benefit:

  • Fast, efficient transport of munition and aerospace assemblies;
  • Smooth automation of long distances between transport stations;